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KLIA Strategic Planning Sdn. Bhd. (528745-V)

Working in close partnership to help bring your vision to fruition. To this end, our professionals work in close liaison with you, offering high-value added advice, methodically coordinating and organising every minute detail of your project, carefully managing external and internal project environments, and paying close attention to controlling aspects like Time, Cost, Quality, Organisation, Risk and Information. In short, you are assured of nothing short of thr best.

Planning Concepts and Domains

The Planning Concept

Our Planning Function entails beyond mere planning or scheduling the timing elements of any project. Strategic and Tactical planning levels being the more abstract planning domains for projects form an integral part of our services as well.

It encompasses all organisational levels thoughout the project development. This spreeds from the basis Singular Disciplinary Level involving the timing and schedulling elements of project (sub) scopes up to the Strategic Level which includes the planning of the project inception, external interfacing and organisation of the whole project.

As illustrated in the chart below, we develop our planning aspects from “outline to detail”. therefore the planning function begins by defining the required strategies derived from the client’s set objectives. Due to the pre-set targets, project developments often require input from the planning function at all levels, at the same time.

The Strategic and Project Planning Domains

The Strategic and Project Planning Domains

Working from coarse to fine and from outline to detail, our planning process bring clarity at each Planning Level required for project developments. From the outset, careful and focused planning at each organisation and managerial level must be in place. Project developments often involve stakeholders that are directly or indirectly related to the project development. As such, overall project objectives in Cost, Time and Quality are discussed and agreed upon and carefully managed throughout the project lifecycle.

Starting with the providing project overview at the inception phase, the Strategic Planning Level will define and plan the various project controls like Time, Cost, Quality, Organisation, Information and Risk. The outcome of these will form part of the Project Inception Plan. At the project Planning level, further structuring and integration of the technical project content will take place to materialise onto solid plans, programmes and schedulles as management tools. Formulating the most feasible and suitable strategies upfront in the process directly derived from the client’s onjectives supported by structured and integrated plans as outline and detailed roadmaps providing direction as to how the successful project completion can be managed and accomplished.

The Planning Diagonal

The Planning Diagonal

The Planning Diagonal provides and overview of the relationships that each of the planning levels will have with the required planning skills necessary to execute the planning tasks and the complexity of the managerial content at each level.