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KLIA Consultancy Services Sendirian Berhad (482409-W)

kliacs-portfolioKLIAConsultancy Services Sdn Bhd (KLIA Consult) evolved from the KL International Airport Berhad’s (KLIA Berhad) remarkable accomplishment in project managing the KL International Airport (KLIA) Project to successful completion. KLIA Berhad was incorporated on May 29th 1993 under the Minister of Finance Inc. to undertake the development and construction of the RM9 billion KL International Airport Project in Sepang. Considered an architectural and engineering marvel, the successful opening of the airport on June 28th 1998, provides a grand testimony to the Malaysian ingenuity, capability, expertise and skills, and commitment in managing the project to successful completion.

The KLIA project was not just an ordinary project. It was like developing and constructing a new intelligent city from scratch within a short space of time. The project comprises of over 180 different packages of different categories constructed over 7500 acres of land area. The categories include infrastructure works, utilities, power generation, building works, airport-related structures, rail works, sophisticated IT systems, communications and networks and a full-scale landscaping and tree transplantation works. These categories of works can be further broken into various facility classifications. They includes roads, bridges, sewerage and drainage; rail works and stations; power generation, electrical, gas and aviation fuel distribution; airport terminals, amenities and its associated facilities; hotels and commercial centers; free trade and industrial complex; public transportation; sophisticated IT systems and fiber-optic networks; and landscaping works.

The successful completion of the airport project in a very short space of time, with the highest standard and quality, and at the lowest of cost truly reflects KLIA Berhad’s strength and capabilities in managing project successfully to the needs and satisfaction of its client. Encouraged by their success in project managing KLIA, the Government wishes to see KLIA Berhad’s proven approach, experience and expertise benefiting the construction industry and to be further capitalized, both locally and internationally. With these wishes, aspiration and commitment, KLIA Consult was formed.

KLIA Consult is committed to providing its Client with independent, cost-effective and quality services to safeguard the Client’s interests. To facilitate this, KLIA Consult firmly believes in maintaining close and responsive bi-directional relationship with the Client and between all parties concerned in partnership to achieve all project targets and objectives.

Led by a small but highly dynamic, experienced and professional management team, the KLIA Consult team comprises of professionals from various disciplines. They include project planners, engineers, design engineers, cost engineers, airport engineers, architects and landscape architects, IT & System engineers, document controllers, legal & contract consultants, and finance consultants.

  • KLIA Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Corporate Philosophy


  • To be the leading provider in project management, consultancy, contracting and services


  • We are professionals committed to be your trusted partner aimed to deliver quality and cost-effective services and products globally. We will lead the way by using state-of-the-art technology to achieve innovative and environmental friendly services and products to our customer. We will provide our employees with maximum professional development and optimum opportunities and rewards. We will provide fair returns to our stockholders.

Core Services

KLIA Consult services are categorized into three (3) specific areas:

  • KLIA Consult Project Management Services
  • Technical Support Consultancy Services
  • System Solution & Integration Services

The above services have been formulated and designed not so much as to reflect KLIA consult strength and capabilities to undertake major projects by itself but rather to assist and provide prospective valued Clients with a total and individualized services to suit their requirements.

It is the aspiration of KLIA Consult ‘to be the trusted partner delivering quality and cost-effective services and products’ to its valued Clients. As a ‘Total Services Solution’ provider to our valued Clients, KLIA Consult services are carefully designed with the client in mind Clients may consider a total solution or choose specific services to serve their requirements.

KLIA Consult offers design management and construction management services where these are required. Both of these services involve the direct coordination of consultants and/or contractors towards the achievement of the overall project objectives. During the commissioning and handover stages of the project, we provide coordination services for the production of operation and maintenance manuals and the training of staff. During post completion, our services extend into maintenance and facilities management and in-service monitoring.

Scope of Services


  • To provide a total project management solution to our valued Client from inception to completion through the commissioning of the project and professionally executed high-value added services to the satisfaction of the client.

With the aspiration to provide comprehensive services to the construction industry to meet the needs of its Client, KLIA Consult has formulated its scope of services under specific categories that includes:

    • Project Management Services
    • Project Cost Management Services
    • Technical Support Services
    • System Solution and Integration Services
    • Design Management Services
    • Training Services

Project Management Scope

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques applied to Project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project. Meeting or exceeding stakeholder needs and expectations involves balancing competing demands among:

  • Scope, Time, Cost, and Quality.
  • Stakeholders with differing needs and expectations.
  • Identified requirements (needs) and unidentified requirements (expectations).

Conventional Approach

    • Client determines the WHAT and HOW
    • Construction industry delivers capacity and equipment.
    • More an obligation to exertion rather than an obligation to results.
    • Independent role for the Lead Consultant as Project Manager protecting the Client’s overall interest is more complicated as it is not his Core Competence.
    • The Project Controls (Budget, Quality, Time, Information & Organization) are often of Secondary Importance.
  • The (non-Technical) Client is therefore often required to be involved in the actual Project Process, placing a load on the Clients’ Organization and using up valuable resources.

Conventional Approach

The parties involved in the present model merely use Project Management body-of-knowledge and principles to execute the works within the project development processes and not as a total approach to project implementation.

With the intent to provide the best value-added services to its Client, KLIA Consult’s Project Management approach, formulated based on the three project development key-processes of Phasing, Controlling, and Decision Making, will ensure that a sound and clear approach is used in Project Organization. Through this system, Project Content and Project Process is managed effectively and efficiently. The right combination of well trained, experienced, and managerially skilled professional staff will ensure Project Organization capacity and the ability to manage the full spectrum of the Project Control elements within the Project Content and Project Process. These two elements are the keys to project success.

KLIA Consult past experiences in managing large-scale projects indicate that Client project development interest and implementation objectives will be more effectively and efficiently met through a Project Management approach rather then the present approach.

Project Management Approach

    • The client determines the WHAT
    • The Constructions industry determines the HOW
    • The Construction Industry is obligated to result, based on a Key-role of the Project Management in conceptual development, optimization of know-how and innovative processes.
    • Independent role of the Project Management in protecting the client’s overall interest is the Project Managers Core Competence.
    • Independent Project Management will result in determining throughout the Project the right balance between Budget, Quality, Time, Information & Organization, keeping all involved Parties dearly focused on the Clients objectives
  • The (non-Technical) Client can focus on his Principal role in the Project without placing a load on his organization retaining his valuable resources for his Core Business.

Project Management Approach

The graphic illustrations  illustrate KLIA Consult’s Project Management Services concept and approach. The result of this approach will enable KLIA Consult to pursue its Project Management role effectively and efficiently in representing the Client. With this, the Client will have overall total control over the project development to meet their project objectives and interests without placing a load on their valuable resources